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Tea…I drink with jam and bread

Tea is considered to be the most consumed drink in the world. More people drink tea than Swedes drink coffee, or Germans drink beer. Yet where I live (U.S.) I don’t know why more people don’t drink tea. It’s super healthy for you, refreshing when it’s cold, and calming when it’s hot. Seriously, if I could bring the whole “high tea” thing to Southern California, I totally would.

Now I know that high tea is still done in some places in the U.S. (probably Greenwich, CT), but it definitely isn’t the norm. Most of us are too busy working and getting our fix at Starbucks whenever we can, and really…it would probably be way too exhausting making tiny little sandwiches and petit fours everyday and then finding something equally as fashionable to wear. Because you can’t just wear a pair of jeans and a Harry Potter T-shirt to high tea (since that’s usually what I show up to Starbucks wearing).

Since I’m not planning any High Tea parties anytime soon (at least any real ones that don’t involve Tinkerbell and Cinderella), I’ll just stick to my normal tea routine: Hot green tea in the morning (right now it’s the 365 brand from Whole Foods, iced black tea from Starbucks when I get to work (I get the Venti size so I can get my free refill during my lunch – they don’t refill Trenta sizes. I’m “in” with the awesome crew at the Rolling Hills Starbucks; they hook me up), and then usually decaf green tea at night after dinner depending on how early I have to get up the next day. My current decaf fave is Allegro’s Decaffeinated Green – it’s smooth, tasty, and goes down easy at night.

And sometimes after a long day at work (and there are LOTS of long days), the thing that does the trick is a hot cup of Chamomile tea. Seriously, after the first sip, I can literally feel my body calming down.

When I first tried chamomile tea ten years ago, I thought it tasted like cake batter. I’m serious – it was like drinking a cup of hot cupcakes. But it’s really made up of “daisy-like plants” that smell like flowers, fennel, and apple (the word “chamomile” coming from the Greek word “ground apple”). But whatever it is you smell or taste, chamomile is good stuff, and it has the health benefits to back it up, from curing colds and calming cramps. Sounds a lot better than popping pills! First-timers should try Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Herbal Tea – it’s inexpensive but also very tasty. Trust me, you’ll feel better at night.

Happy drinking!



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