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Tea of the Week: Acai Tea

You may have noticed the word “acai” popping up in various places lately – coffee shops, grocery stores, bakeries, and other places where cool people in the know tend to hang out.  It seems the acai berry is the new blueberry – the new healthy berry – and there are many reasons why it’s suddenly making its way into the mainstream.

Acai berries are fairly similar to blueberries but are found mostly in South America (blueberries are obviously a North American thing).  They have about the same concentration of antioxidants and measure around the same size, but the difference can be found in the taste.  Acai berries has been said to have a taste combination of red wine and chocolate.  Um…yum!


The acai berry also has an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are usually found in fish, and are uber good for you.  They’re great for the heart as they help lower the levels of the harmful triglycerides in the blood. And one of the reasons why the berry has become so popular lately is due to the claim that it helps in weight loss. However, that hasn’t been scientifically proven, and you’re probably better off eating the berry for the health benefits after running a few miles to lose the weight.

Acai tea is usually made by combining the freeze-dried acai berry powder with either black, green, or herbal teas.  And because the base teas already have a lot of antioxidants, adding in the acai simply doubles the health benefits of the tea!

Acai tea also contains an amino acid called Aspartic Acid, which helps in creating energy and raising metabolism (I would still run, though, if you want to lose the weight).  I also helps with the functioning of the nerves and the brain, as well as enhancing the immune system.

With all these benefits, drinking a cup of acai tea once a day seems like a no brainer.  But does it really taste good?

Let me remind you…

Yes.  Yes it does.

Happy drinking!



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