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It Was the Best Trailer I Ever Saw

We’re going to take a step away from books and tea today and talk a little about movies.  More specifically, movie trailers.  AKA those previews for movies that come before the movie you actually paid to go see in the theater.  They usually come with this attached to them:

Now before you could go on the internet to a website like, you had to see the trailer on the big screen.  And if you want my opinion, that’s really the way they should be seen.  Especially when a studio is releasing a particular trailer for the first time.  Watching it on the internet almost seems like cheating to me.  You should only be able to see it the same time as everyone else.

Some people don’t get excited about trailers.  And there are some trailers that are so uninteresting (i.e. ones for rom-coms) that they shouldn’t be allowed to show in front of a movie.  But sometimes it’s worth seeing a movie just because you know that a certain trailer will be playing beforehand.  Let me go through some memorable ones that I’ve seen, and maybe you’ll come to understand why the art of the movie trailer is something that needs to be appreciated.

Let me start with The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.  The studios actually released the trailer for this movie during Fellowship of the Ring‘s run in the theater and attached it to the end of the movie.  It was my tenth viewing of FOTR, and my hubby and I had driven all the way from Sherman Oaks to Culver City to see it.  While we were waiting for the movie to begin, one of the ushers came and said “For those of you who came to see the trailer forThe Two Towers – we won’t have it until the 7:00 showing.”  It was 4:00 at this point, and I kid you not, more than half of the theater walked out (including us), got a refund, and hubby and I drove back up to Sherman Oaks to see FOTR,where they did have the trailer.  Then a few minutes before the movie ended, I spotted a group of people sneaking into the theater just to see the freaking trailer.  How was the trailer?  Totally worth it.

When we saw the movie Monsters, Inc. in the theater on opening night in late 2001, we had no idea that they were premiering the trailer for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones before it (which goes to show you how little we used the internet back in 2002).  But as we were waiting for the movie to begin, my hubby’s brother called him to tell him about a rumor he heard about the trailer and how it might be playing before the movie.  So we patiently waited through countless, unimportant trailers until finally we saw this:

And we knew this was it.  It seemed the rest of the audience knew what it meant, too, because suddenly everyone started cheering and whistling.  The trailer began, people continued to cheer, and then a huge applause came when it ended.  It was definitely a cool experience to be in a crowd who appreciates the same kind of thing as you, and who will cheer just as loud.

The teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was attached to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in IMAX six years ago, and I had gotten split up from the group I was with because the theater was so crowded.  So there I was, all alone, practically sitting in the front row, and suddenly the trailer for Goblet of Fire came on.  I was so surprised that I actually started crying.  By myself.  In the front row.  I also cried because it was my favorite book of the series at that point, and the trailer started off with screenshots of how the kids had grown from each movie.  I’m a nostalgic person.  Crap like that makes me cry.

Oh yeah, and I also got to see what Cedric Diggory looked like.

I wish I would actually show you these trailers, but it costs money to put video on blogs, and unfortunately I don’t have that much disposable income.  But if you Google “Best Teaser Trailers Ever” you come up with such trailers for Jurassic Park, Superman Returns, Cloverfield, Independence Day, The Dark Knight, and Spider-Man, an awesome trailer that was actually pulled from the theaters just after 9/11 because of shots of the World Trade Center in the trailer (Spidey creates a web between the two towers).

There are lots of really cool teasers out there…what are some of your favorites?



I have way too much information floating around in my head, which is why I write things down. I find that books, movies, music, and television are much more interesting than my local news.

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