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What I Didn’t Know About the Show “Full House”

Whatever happened to predictability?

That line pretty much sums up what the TV show Full House was all about: predictability.  Week after week from 1987-1995, millions of Americans could count on this show for being wholesome, heartwarming, and predictable every Friday night on ABC (well, until it moved to Tuesdays).  I spent a good chunk of my childhood watching this show, not only during its first-run, but in countless of reruns on various cable stations (thank you, ABC Family).  People may call the show “cheesy” or “ridiculous” or “offensive”, but unlike all the other shows I grew up with, I learned valuable life lessons from the Tanner clan in San Francisco.

We all know the premise: After Danny Tanner’s wife is killed in a car crash involving a drunk driver, he’s left on his own to raise three daughters.  So he invites his best friend Joey Gladstone, comic extraordinaire, and his brother-in-law Jesse Cochran (who mysteriously becomes Jesse Katsopolis after a couple of episodes) to come live with him to help raise these girls.  As you can imagine, hijinks ensue.

As do mullets.

But after 192 episodes, there’s still some things I don’t know about this show.  Was there ever an episode of “E! True Hollywood Story: Full House“? Because I must have missed it.  So after doing some intense Googling, I can now share with you what I have learned.  Be prepared to be amazed…this may be the most important thing you read today.

1.  The producers tried to hide the fact that the character of Michelle was being played by two actors, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, until they became so popular that they decided to exploit that fact. However, it’s still a mystery as to which one actually did the acting on camera because, well, I refuse to call what they did “acting”.

A newborn could do this.

2.  Although a shot of the San Francisco Painted Ladies appears in the opening credits, the Tanner’s didn’t actually live in one.  They actually lived in Bakersfield in one of these:

Hey, at least it’s painted.

3.  The original title of the show was called “House of Comics” about three comedians living together.  Unfortunately no one was thrilled about the cast: Carrot Top and his two CGI identical brothers.

4.  Despite having dated Alanis Morissette and being obsessed with hockey, Dave Coulier is not Canadian.  He’s Japanese.

And a moose.

5.  Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly left the show after the first season because their real-life mother was concerned about them missing out on having a “normal” childhood.  She wanted to enroll them in the circus instead.

6.  During the final season, both Mary-Kate and Ashley had to wear fake teeth because they began to look different.  And they had to hide the fact that Mary Kate is actually a vampire.

Case in point.

7.  Contrary to popular belief, John Stamos is NOT a member of The Beach Boys.  He’s actually a member of Insane Clown Posse.

8.  Jodie Sweetin didn’t have to audition for the part as Stephanie.  She did, however, become a meth addict.  And yes, I realize that none of that is related.  Or so we think.

9.  Although the character of DJ Tanner liked to say “Oh Mylanta”, we never actually see her taking the antacid medication.

10.  Andrea Barber, best known for her role as annoying best friend Kimmy Gibler, has not, in fact, disappeared from the fact of the earth.  I know this because I follow her on Twitter.

She has not, however, tweeted in many months.

11.  Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen were chosen for the part of Michelle because they were the only twin babies that didn’t cry at the audition. They did, however, cry every day after that.  And they’re still crying today.

12. Creator Jeff Franklin said that the scene that got Full House on the air, was the scene where Uncle Jesse and Joey change Michelle’s diaper.  It’s also the scene that got the show cancelled eight years later.

13.  In the episode titled “Honey, I Broke the House”, Jodie Sweetin didn’t actually drive Joey’s new car through the kitchen wall.  She did, however, become a meth addict.  And again, I realize that none of that is related.  Or so we think.

14.  There are over 550 Full House fan-fiction stories on, most of them involving Danny cleaning the house, Stephanie talking back, DJ suffering from an eating disorder, Joey playing hockey, and Jesse playing the bongos.  Naked.
15.  John Stamos is kind of hot for being almost 50 years old.
Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh…Chity Chi bob botta!
Happy viewing!


I have way too much information floating around in my head, which is why I write things down. I find that books, movies, music, and television are much more interesting than my local news.

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