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Comic-Con 2012 – A Wish List

With Comic-Con 2012 less than a month away, there’s lot of speculation of who and what is going to be there.  Which studios will bring their most anticipated movies of the coming year?  Which celebrities are going to make an appearance?  How early am I going to have to get up to possibly see the one panel for which I’ve been waiting a lifetime?

We’ll have all these answers in the days leading up to the convention, but for now all we can do is wait and play the guessing game.  It’s a good way to get ready and excited for Comic-Con – as long as you don’t get your hopes up about a certain person who will most likely never make an appearance at Comic-Con.

Yes, I’m talking about you, Christopher Nolan.

For those of you unfamiliar to Comic-Con, read my blog post from last year.  Or here’s a quick run-down for you:  Comic-Con is a four-day convention that takes place in San Diego that celebrates the popular arts: movies (mostly of the sci-fi/fantasy genre), TV (same deal), comic books, pop art, and CosPlay.  Movie studios, television studios, artists, and writers come together and put on panels for the lucky 100,000+ people who get to attend Comic-Con to show off their hottest upcoming releases, or to talk about what we as an audience love the most: the popular arts.

It’s an exhilarating, tiring, and exciting event that my husband and I have attended for the past four years (minus the one year I was due to give birth on opening day), and each year is different.  But will still manage to have an awesome time on practically zero hours of sleep and live to tell the tale (seriously, if you ever go, don’t plan on getting more than three hours of sleep a night). 

Of course the one thing that most people anticipate is the schedule for Hall H.  Hall H is the room that is mostly reserved for the big movie studio panels because it holds the most people – 6500 – but don’t let that number fool you into thinking you can just come and go into the hall as you please.  If you want to get a spot for ANY of the panels on that particular day, you have to get there early.  REALLY EARLY.  We’re talking “before the sun comes up” early.

There are actually people wrapped around this whole body of water…just waiting.

So until the official Comic-Con schedule is released, here is my official Comic-Con 2012 Wish List.

The Hobbit Panel

The word on the nerdy streets of San Diego is that Warner Bros. Studio has reserved a three-hour block for Saturday.  Do you know what that means?  THE EFFING HOBBIT.

There are already rumors that this is going to happen, given that it’s WB’s biggest movie this year and that Peter Jackson hinted about it when he made an appearance last year.  The Lord of the Rings movies are my favorite movies of all-time, and to see be able to see the cast of its sequel will be huge for me.  I’m serious.  There might be tears.

Iron Man 3 Panel

Getting to see Robert Downey, Jr. in any panel is pretty awesome (I saw him at the panel for Sherlock Holmes three years ago), and after the insane success of the first two Iron Man movies and The Avengers, everyone is anticipating a huge panel.

Also, since I’ve missed the two other Iron Man panels because of pregnancy or other CC events, I would love to see Gwyneth Paltrow make an appearance.  Maybe I’ll ask her a question about GOOP and what kind of organic food she recommends I eat.

Star Trek 2 Panel

 I’ve read two conflicting rumors about J.J. Abrams upcoming sequel:  a) Star Trek 2 is going to be big at Comic-Con, and b) Paramount isn’t coming, therefore no ST2 panel.  I hope the first rumor is true, because I freaking loved the first movie (I’m not even a Trekkie), and I love J.J. Abrams.  I got to see him and Joss Whedon speak together at CC two years ago, and I’ve decided that J.J. is pretty much all kinds of awesome (and okay, I might have a total nerdy crush on him, but whatevs).  So I would love to see him talk about the sequel, I would love to see the cast (Chris Pine), and I would LOVE to see footage.

So please, Paramount, make your presence known at Comic-Con this year and BRING STAR TREK 2!!!

The Legend of Korra Panel

Since this is my new favorite show of the year – and a sister show to another fave Avatar: The Last Airbender – I would love to see it make another appearance at Comic-Con.  The show came to the convention last year to a sold-out panel, and it wasn’t due to air for another year.

But now that the show is on and it’s completely awesome, I would love to see them come back, along with all the voice actors this time.  And possibly a fire-ferret.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Panel

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and shut up.  It’s about 99% sure that Twilight will be there for their final film this year.  They’ve never missed a Comic-Con, and this is their big finale.

That being said, I’ve never gone to any of the Twilight panels.  We’ve always been at a different panel during that time, and besides, the Comic-Con Twi-hards kinda freak me out.  But I would like to experience it just one time, and this is my last chance to do that.  And maybe Jacob will take his shirt off…?

The Vampire Diaries Panel

Okay, here’s where the real “wishing” comes into play.  I wish I could be in two places at once.  I know for sure that The Vampire Diaries will be at the con this year.  It’s already been announced.

However, as what happens a lot at the con, it’s during the same time as another panel…that panel most likely to be The Hobbit.  And I’m sorry…Stefan, Damon, I love you…but I cannot miss the chance to see a bunch of Dwarves and Elves and Kiwis on stage.  I’m sorry.

Doctor Who Panel

Last year the Doctor Who panel was on Sunday, and for the past four years we’ve never stayed at Comic-Con through Sunday.  Sundays used to be the quiet, non-eventful, do some last-minute shopping days that never got much attention.  But now Sundays are becoming big in their own right, proving that last year when the Doctor (and Castle and Glee) showed up.

No word on whether they’ll be there this year, but hopes are high (as are the rumors).  And since it’s the last season for companions Amy and Rory (I’m crying just thinking about it), I’m sure they’ll want to make one last appearance.

The Dark Knight Rises

Yeah…it’s never gonna happen.

And just for fun…

Firefly Tenth Anniversary Panel

Because you never know.



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