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Come Hither to Ye Olde Renaissance Festival

When I arrived at work today, there was a brochure in my mailbox for the upcoming and ever-so-popular Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Ever since I was a tween many moons ago I’ve wanted to experience the grand adventure that is the RenFest but I’ve always been either too lame or too far away to attend.

But not this year.

Oh, no, my fellow comrades. NOT THIS YEAR. For this year will be the year I don medieval dress and fill my stein with medieval ale and nosh on ye olde turkey leg. This year I will embrace all that is RenFest and not let the fear overtake this girl.

Though I probably won’t be dressed like this.

A quick history regarding the Minnesota Renaissance Festival: It began in 1971 and is currently one of the oldest and largest Renaissance Fairs in the US with an average 280,000 people in attendance during its run. Penn and Teller did their first show together at RenFest in 1975, and Jason Mraz once worked there as a pickle boy.*

*I’m sure he sold pickles on a stick, or something like that, but all I can picture in my head is Jason Mraz dressed up as a pickle singing “Lucky”.

Anyway, after reading the brochure, it’s obvious why people love to go RenFest. Besides getting to dress up in costume (peasant, pirate, wench), check out these awesome-sounding theme weekends:

Italian Carnivale
6th Annual Pet Fest
Weiner Dog Races
Arabian Horse Show
Bocce Ball Tournament
Spaghetti Eating Contest
Italian Vendors & Events

Royal Ale Fest
BBQ Competition & Festival
Homebrew Competition
Bird Show
Free Beer Tastings
Silk Road: Discover the Riches

Fairy Festival
Longbow Competition
Belly Dancing Lessons & Performances
Middle Eastern Music
Belly Dance Competition

Highland Fling
World Highland Games & MN Highland Games
Sign Language Saturday
Kilt Competition
Scottish Village
Free Beer Tasting

Wine, Chocolate & Romance
Wine & Chocolate Festival
Free Vow Renewals
Chocolate Pie Eating
Charity Auction
Grape Stomp
Free Wine Tasting

German Dancers & Music
Bavarian Village
Keg Toss & Bier Pong
Beard Competition

Festival Friday
School Days
Ladies Shopping Day
College Discount Day

Shamrocks & Shenanigans
Irish Village
Harvest Market
Irish Dancers & Music
Kilt Competition
Free Beer Tasting


So…all that sounds mind-blowing. Really. Especially when they use words like “kilt” and “beer” and “longbow”. I seriously don’t know what weekend I want to go on, because they all sound like WAY too much fun. Luckily I have a friend who goes every year who told me months ago that she was dragging me to RenFest, but after reading the schedule I don’t think any dragging will necessary. Even my husband wants to go, though I’m sure he thinks he can go without having to dress up. I’ll just have to tell him that he’ll look totally stupid if he doesn’t.

The RenFest planning begins!



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