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Call up Mr. Webster, because I’ve just coined a new word:  Adorababble.  You know how when you’re shopping for bags on Etsy and you find so many cute ones that you want but can’t make up your mind, and then just when you think it’s the last cute one you see, you see another one?

That, my friends, is Adorababble.  The cuteness just keeps on coming.

I was a victim of adorababble yesterday while spending some time at the library with my daughter.   I was looking through the children’s picture book section (only because said daughter refused to let me wander on my own), and I discovered this gem:

My first thought was, “HOLYCRAPIMUSTHAVETHISBOOK”.  I mean, look at it.  It is pretty and gorgeous and, most of all, adorable.  Best of all, it has FLAPS.  Who doesn’t love a book with flaps that you can lift, only to discover another picture hidden underneath?

Ah, the joys of children’s books.

There’s no real story in the book, just pictures of a kokeshi doll and her friends and family.  What she wears to school, where she lives, etc.  It also teaches you a handful of Japanese words to use to confuse your friends.  My daughter, unfortunately, got bored after the third time I made her look at it.  I, on the other hand, could look at this thing forever.

I was good with just checking out this one book.  Until I saw another cute one.  You might recognize the style of the cover:

Yes, that is Frankenstein in place of one of my favorite children’s book character, Madeline.  And this story of Frankenstein is written in the same kind of whimsical rhyme that the Madeline books are written, only instead of twelve little girls in two straight lines, you get twelve ugly monsters in two crooked lines.

The pictures are, of course, adorable (sorry, I’ll be using that word a lot in this post), and because the words flow so nicely like a poem, it’s fun to read to kids at night, especially around Halloween.

At this point I tried leaving the picture book section, but my eyes caught another sight.  My knees actually got week at the adorable cuteness of it all:

To be honest I haven’t even read it yet; I’ve just looked at the pictures.  SO CUTE.  Seriously, every time I showed my daughter the pictures my voice automatically jumped up five octaves.  Because apparently you can only accomplish Adorababble with a high, squeaky voice.

But just looking at the pictures I can figure that the story is about a freaking adorable bee who wears a cute pink beanie and has cute friends, all of who are illustrated by Daniel Roode.  But in this case, I don’t even think the story matters.  Seriously.  I just want to tear the pictures out of the book and tape them to my daughter’s wall.

A while back, I wrote about an illustrator named Valeria Docampo whose illustrations are, for lack of a better word, breathtaking.  Well, yesterday I found another book that she’s illustrated, The House At the End of Ladybug Lane.

The story, which is written by Elise Primavera, is cute and, of course, the pictures are GORGE.  And honestly, any book that has a picture of a ladybug wearing glasses is a keeper in my book.  YAY for bugs with faces.

And finally, even though I could have loads more adorababble, I let myself get one more book, this one a movie tie-in for the movie Brave.  Normally I don’t like movie tie-ins because all they are are screenshots from the movie.  But not this one.

OMG, just look at the cover.  Yes, the movie itself looked great, but this?  This is AWESOME.  It’s illustrated by Matt Nolte, who actually served as art director for the movie, so it’s almost like looking at early art concepts before the movie was even made.  And after looking at this book, who doesn’t want another Brave movie to be made, but in this style?  I would totally stand in line for that.

So that’s what happens to me when I’m in the children’s picture book section of the library.  Adorababble.  Every time I think I won’t find another cute book to grab my attention, one does.  And then another.  And then another.

Thank God for libraries.



I have way too much information floating around in my head, which is why I write things down. I find that books, movies, music, and television are much more interesting than my local news.

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