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What Is This Show and Why Is My Kid Watching It?

As parents, we have to sacrifice a lot for our kids.  No more going out every weekend, no more waking up whenever you want to, and no more running errands in peace.  These days a trip to Target by myself is almost as good as taking a vacation.

But the one sacrifice I’d like to highlight today involves TV.  Yes, I know we shouldn’t let our kids watch too much tv, blah blah blah, let alone any.  But show me the parent who doesn’t put their kid in front of the television so they can do something as simple as taking a shower, and I will eat my hat.  Or whatever.

My kid doesn’t watch hours and hours of TV a day, but she does watch.  And sometimes even I benefit when she wants to watch something like My Little Pony or Phineas and Ferb because I actually really enjoy those shows.  Like, really.  Seriously.  They’re kind of awesome.

What can I say…I’m awesome!

But a lot of the time my lovely daughter wants to watch shows that I would rather not spend my time looking at.  We don’t have cable TV anymore and rely solely on the shows we get streaming through Netflix, or the DVDs that are tucked away under our coffee table.  And sometimes that means watching the weirdest and most annoying shows out there.  Of course she watches Dora the Explorer and Little Einsteins and other popular but not very awesome shows.  But there are some more unknown ones that you may not know about yet.  Let’s talk about a few, shall we?

Bo On the Go

I had never heard of this show until my daughter saw it on Netflix and decided she wanted to watch it.  I’ve seen pretty much every episode now, but I still don’t really understand it.  I think it’s supposed to be a show about getting up and moving around and being active, which doesn’t make any sense since the kid is just going to want to sit on their butts and watch another episode.  Here’s how Wikipedia describes the characters:

Bo is “a 10 year old positive, energetic, and inquisitive young girl who has blue hair, and wears blue shoes, blue socks, red pants, and a purple shirt. She encourages children at home to go on adventures by actively joining her in a variety of movements that assist her on her quest. Bo faces challenges and obstacles and receives small rewards and achieves victories along the way.”

Okay, that’s cool.  Whatever.  I’m glad she’s super positive and energetic and has blue hair.  But you know what?  Still kinda weird.

And then there’s Dezzy the Dragon…

Dezzy is a pink and green dragon, and lives in the castle with Bo. Since he is younger than Bo, he sometimes needs a little help with things.”

My daughter tends to laugh at everything Dezzy says, and that’s either because she thinks dragons are hilarious, or she think his need for help is hilarious.  Which, coming from my daughter, is probably closer to the truth.

Pinky Dinky Doo

I actually used this show to divert my daughter from Bo on the Go (since begging for My Little Pony didn’t work), which was actually pretty easy given the word “Pinky” in the title and my daughter’s obsession with pink.  The show is about a girl named Pinky who lives in The Great Big City with her brother and their pet guinea pig, and whenever a problem arises (as it does in every episode), Pinky tells a story about it using her “Story Box”, which is just a cardboard box.  They also focus on a Great Big Fancy Word, kind of like the Word of the Day on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse but way less cool.

Well, if you dye your hair pink, you’re kind of asking for it.

So basically the show is about teaching kids to use their imagination by telling stories and solving problems and beefing up their vocabulary.  And you know what’s funny?  Pinky Dinky Doo hates the color pink.  I say “funny” because the whole pink thing is the only reason why my daughter watches it.  Oh, the IRONY.  Anyway, it’s slightly more tolerable than Bo On the Go, but I’ll still try to find something to clean while it’s on so I don’t have to watch it.

Noonbory and the Super Seven

This is the latest discovery we made on Netflix, and probably the most frightening – and by frightening I mean, “Oh my God, I can’t look away”.  Seriously, this show is CRAZY.  In a good and bad way.  There are seven characters who are based on the five physical senses – hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch – and two on mental senses – common sense and nonsense.  They’re considered superheroes, while the villains on the show are a band of weird-looking pirates, and a snowman who shoots snowballs out of his hat.  They all live in the world of Toobalooba (a word my daughter loves to say).  And who is Noonbury?  Well, see if you can make sense out of this:

Noonbory is a 11 year old and is the leader of the Superbory pack. He uses a helicopter device (wind bike) to fly across vast distances in addition to using a shield that can stop things in its track. Noonbory usually says “let’s make super sense of this” before they sensitize, or sometimes after they sensitize. “Hurry Scurry” is another catch phrase of Noonbory. There’s a little yellow Bory (Mamby) who is Noonbory’s sidekick. Mamby can transform into anything, like a parachute or a mattress. Noonbory occasionally wears headgear in the shape of Mamby.”

I know, my head hurts just thinking about it.  This show is like the cast of a Super Mario Brothers game.  Which kind of makes me wish there was a Noonbory video game.  Because I would totally play it.  But let’s just keep that between you and me, okay?

The Fairies

The Fairies is an Australian live-action show about two fairies named Harmony and Rhapsody who live in Fairyland and have friends named Elf, Barnaby, the Bizzy Buzzy Bee, and Wizzy the Wizard.  We follow along with them on a typical fairy day, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed.  And it seems like the show is pretty popular in Australia, because you can buy party decorations with The Fairies on them.  Seriously, why didn’t I know this when my daughter had her birthday party?  Mail order, people!

Anyway, the show is semi-tolerable, but there should be a warning preceding the show about how easily the songs get stuck in your head.  They’re not super annoying songs – I actually find myself singing along to a couple of them – but once they’re in your head, it takes a lot to get them to leave.

Harmony and Rhapsody are two very Australian girls, probably in their early 20s, and have lovely voices.  My daughter likes the one in the pink – Rhapsody – and apparently I like Harmony, who wears purple.  They seem like nice girls, and I’m sure they’re friends in real life.  But while I’m watching the show I like to imagine that they hate each other and fight all the time when they’re not filming.  It makes the show much more entertaining.


The most entertaining thing about the show, though, isn’t the Fairies.  It’s Wizzy the Wizard.  Not because he’s funny or amazing or smart or magnificent.  It’s because you can totally see his boxer briefs under his costume.  And it makes me laugh.  Every.  Single.  Time.

So yes, I sacrifice precious time to withstand these shows, because that’s how much I love my daughter.  That and I figure after a couple episodes of her weird shows, she totally owes me an episode of My Little Pony.



I have way too much information floating around in my head, which is why I write things down. I find that books, movies, music, and television are much more interesting than my local news.

3 thoughts on “What Is This Show and Why Is My Kid Watching It?

  1. Sometimes I see shows like this early in the am in the low channels and my jaw kinds of drop. There is one called Dinosaur Train or something? It’s very cheap 3d animation that shows…you guessed it…dinosaurs riding a train.

    It’s easy to get nostalgic and say “kids shows were better when I was young,” but especially in the programming for 12-15 year olds, I notice 90% of the programming (Disney and Nickelodeon) is about characters who are famous, have magical powers, or broth. Such a narrow, shallow scope. 😦

  2. The Fairies have some amazing songs.
    “Swing High”
    “Hello Hello Hello”
    “We Love A Fairy Ring”
    “Sing Your Way Through The Day”
    “Magic Fairy Spell”
    “Thank You For Your Tooth”
    “See You Soon”
    “Fairy Ballet”
    “It’s A Dream Come True”
    “If I Were A Queen”
    “Fairy Ballet”

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