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Board Books for Lovers of Literature

While browsing around the children’s area at the library the other day, I came across an adorable board book (re:  books babies chew on) about colors based on Alice in Wonderland.  The cover made me drool (in my head, people…I’m not that crazy), and the pages – all ten of them – were like works of art that I wanted to rip out and put on my wall.

I returned the book yesterday without thinking too much about it – it was adorbs, and whoever illustrated was no short of a genius.  The end.  But then…BUT THEN…I found more.

That’s right.  This counting version of Alice in Wonderland is not alone in the world.  It’s part of a series – A SERIES! – of classic literature turned into learning board books.  They’re called BabyLit Primer books (website – which you may end up giving all your paychecks to – here), and there are currently six of these beauties sitting on the shelves of your local library and bookstore.  And they are AWESOMEBALLS.

When I spotted two more at the library yesterday, I grabbed them hungrily and held them close to my chest in fear that someone else would spot them and take them before I did.  Okay, well, it wasn’t that dramatic.  But I think I did let out a squeal when I saw the Romeo & Juliet one.  And then maybe an even louder squeal when I saw Pride & Prejudice.

And even though they’re just little counting books – ten pages with less than five words a page – they’re actually pretty clever.  For example, in Rome0 & Juliet number 1 is represented by “1 Balcony” or in Pride & Prejudice we get “3 Houses” .

Alice in Wonderland is such a colorful story already, so it’s a great way for babies to learn colors even if they don’t know anything about Alice’s world.  A sample, if you will:

Another book that teaches counting is the Jane Eyre BabyLit book.  That’s right, I said JANE EYRE.  The library didn’t have this one, unfortunately, but the pictures are most worthy of a squeeeeeeee. 

The person responsible for such genius cuteness is Jennifer Adams, whose website can be found here.  She has a degree in English just like me – omg we’re twins – and is currently the senior editor at Quirk Books (ok maybe not twins).  And the illustrator is Alison Oliver, who is far too talented for her own good (but thank God she is).  In addition to the above four books, the two women just released another two books in the BabyLit series.  This:

and this:

Dracula involves counting (duh…anyone who’s ever watched Sesame Street knows that), and A Christmas Carol is all about colors (and ghosts!).  And, of course, they’re way too nice to actually give to babies. 

I wish I could post every single picture from these books on here, but that would be impossible (and extremely time-consuming), so you’re just going to have to find these books for yourself.  I’m heading to a different library tomorrow to look for the ones I’m missing (yep…I’m determined), and then after that I’m just going to go ahead and jot them down on my Christmas list because even if my daughter isn’t interested (she’s too old for counting and colors books, but too young to appreciate the classics), I could easily spend a rainy afternoon looking at each book over and over again.

Also, if you’re suddenly obsessed with these as I am, you can show your BabyLit love by wearing buttons.  Yep – buttons!  They feature Alison Oliver’s amazing artwork, and people will be amazed at how educated you are (or seem) when they see Mr. Darcy and Jane Eyre attached to your purse.

But if you can, please get your hands on these books.  Even if you don’t have kids, but appreciate art and literature, they’re good to have on-hand as coffee table books.  Believe me – they will definitely attract the attention of your guests.  Just be careful they don’t steal them from you.  Because they’re that pretty.

Happy reading!



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