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Summertime Summertime Sum-Sum Summertime

WELL. As you may have noticed, it has been QUITE a while since I last posted anything. Seriously, the last time I blogged it there was snow on the ground and the temp was probably 80 degrees colder than it is now (and yes, I know that this is Minnesota and that probably could have been last month, but no, it was March).

So yes, it’s been a long time, but honestly I feel like I’ve had nothing interesting to say. I haven’t really done anything exciting during the past six months because it’s just work and taking the kiddo to school and eating dinner and watching cartoons and reading – A WHOLE TON OF READING.


Yes, reading is pretty much all I’ve been doing this first half of the year. In fact, I’m only about 20 books away from my Goodreads reading goal of 120 books. AND IT’S ONLY JULY. I’ve been a crazy book-a-day reader…who’s suddenly realized she needs to take a break.

I’m still reading, obviously, but ever since summer began I’ve slowed down quite a bit. Which is totally fine. I deserve a nice break to watch TV and movies and play on my iPhone and stalk people on Twitter. I’ve read 95 books in six months. I DESERVE THIS.

So what have I been doing since then?  Well, I’ve been very active on Twitter the past few weeks, conversing with authors and artists, which pretty much the only types of people I follow on Twitter, with the exclusion of a tiny handful of my real friends (who, save one, are never on it anyway). But what I love about Twitter is that I can tweet something to an author or an illustrator or animator and 9 times out of 10 they’ll tweet back. Of course if you were to follow really “famous” people who have millions of followers, that’s not likely to happen. But if you follow realistic, attainable, and interesting people like I do, it’s a great opportunity to have that interaction. I know a lot of people who don’t like Twitter because it can be a lonely place (i.e. “none of my friends are on Twitter!”), but you just have to know the right people to interact with, I guess.


In other news, our annual trip to California is coming up in a couple of weeks, which I’m very much looking forward to. It’s going to a little different this year – because of the crazy new San Diego Comic Con registration process, we’re only able to go to SDCC for ONE DAY, which is Sunday. So we’ll actually be in San Diego on that Saturday and attending the annual SDCC Nerdist Podcast that night, and then hitting the exhibition floor at SDCC on Sunday. Depending on what panels are happening that day (that are NOT Hall H or Ballroom 20), we may try to go to a couple small panels in between exhibition floor time. But there are so many artists I want to see on the floor that it will most likely be a pretty full day.


Also, BEFORE we go to San Diego, we’ll be in San Francisco for three days. I’ve never been to San Francisco and I’M SO EXCITED! And what I’m most excited about is the fact that we’re planning on making a stop at the Walt Disney Family Museum to see the Mary Blair Exhibition, which is currently on display through September. I am a HUGE Mary Blair fan and this is such a great opportunity to see her art and animation work on display.


We also plan on stopping by Lucasfilm, which is just down the road from the Disney museum, and even though we won’t be able to go inside (apparently we’re not important enough), we can still get our picture taken next to the giant Yoda statue outside of it. And honestly, I just want to be able to check-in to Lucasfilm on Four Square just to prove that I was there.

San Francisco - Yoda-Statue bei Lucasfilms

It’ll be a quick, jam-packed week, and when we get back it’ll be time to binge-watch whatever show we want to on Netflix because the kiddo will be staying with Grandma in CA for an additional three weeks. The first year we did this we watched “Supernatural”, and last year it was “Teen Wolf”. What will it be this year? Or maybe I’ll binge-watch a bunch of movies I haven’t seen yet? Or will I end up just watching old reruns of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (which I found myself doing the other night)? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.


By the time the kiddo gets back from CA, school will be starting in two weeks. And summer will be over. Seriously, remember how when you were a kid and summer seemed to go on forever? And now that I’m grown and have “responsibilities”, it whips by so freaking fast. I guess that’s why you just have to enjoy it while it’s here.

So, there’s still not really any interesting going on in my life, but I felt like I had to at least get SOMETHING down, even if it’s just a lame update. Topics are sparse these days, but I hope to get inspired again while in California. And who knows…maybe I’ll blog again before the year ends! J


I have way too much information floating around in my head, which is why I write things down. I find that books, movies, music, and television are much more interesting than my local news.

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